Hmmmm so you wanted to find our more about the person who's insane enough to run several major web pages, eh? Well step back and prepare to enter the slightly warped world of Hoo. I guarantee you'll you'll find out about me in the process but you might lose you in the process!

What Is A Hoo?
Well according to chapter three of the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams, a Hooloovoo is "A superintelligent shade of the color of blue." Make of it what you will - no one ever said the galaxy was supposed to make sense.

Hoo Is Hoo?

Yes. Pretty simple eh?
Oh, you wanted more? Well Hoo is me, Andrea Chempinski, though I'm pretty much known only as Hoo. I'm a 29 year old attorney in Washington DC and and spending way more time than I have here in Cyberspace. There was this thing called sleep I once heard of - I'm told lots of people do it. Should you ever get to Washington and happen to find me offline lurking amoungst the mass of tourists and giving false directions I might look like this. Feel free to hollar out "Hi Hoo" - people will look at you weird but by now I'm sure you're used to that.

Where is Hoo?
Hoo lives just outside of Washington DC in Alexandria Virginia. I am an incredibly proud alum of SUNY-ESF which stands for the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Yes, it's quite a mouthful - it's even recognized by Guinness as the world's longest school name! It's also listed for the largest campus (thanks to hundreds of acres of forest labs) and is the leading school for environmental sciences. I'am also a graduate of The George Washington University Law School and a member of the Virginia Bar.

What do Hoo's do?
Well Hoo's can do lots of things, but currently I am a website and graphics designer. I own the design company ConceptFish which specializes in clean, classic design, so if you're looking for a designer, check it out. And in case you were wondering, yes you did read the previous paragraph correctly - I am an attorney by training. But I decided that there were enough lawyers out there and turned my website hobbies my career. (and yes I can tell you "back in the day" stories of websites that didn't even allow colored fonts or backgrounds!) Currently I am the webmaster for the American Immigration Lawyers Association during the day and a freelancer at night. Previously I spent four years managing the website for the law firm Cohen Milstein Hausfeld & Toll. I'm always looking for that "perfect job" so if you think you've got one to offer me, please check out my resume (Adobe Acrobat file). In addition to that I'm also a professional figure skating photographer. My work has been featured in numerous magaines and newspapers, as well as used by skaters and organizations for promotional items. You can see my work at

Hoo's Hobbies
As you can tell by the sites that I keep, my interestes are rather varied. I'm a big fan of the sports of figure skating (specifically mens and dance) and men's tennis. I'm also a longtime fan of the sixties group The Monkees. When I'm offline and not at a skating event, I spend a lot of time reading. Specifically I'm a sci-fi and horror fan. But the best way to learn about what I like is to look at my pages - those cover the high points!